Nout collection


With Claire it's a meeting

A meeting that began with a training in Grasse, professional, precise, educational to understand the wonderful but also very technical environment of perfume. Then quite naturally, Claire accompanied me in the creation of the 6 organic Nout perfumes: writing of the perfumer brief, putting in touch with suppliers / creators in accordance with my expectations, expertise and interface at all stages of the creation of the fragrances. And as Claire has a pretty nice writing and a great knowledge of perfumes, it is quite natural that she wrote all the perfume descriptions for Nout. With her back-ground, Claire has always been able to answer my (many) questions, whether marketing / sales or product technical, in a pro, reassuring and reactive manner. Creating a brand of perfumes is a great adventure, Claire was for me very important in the success of this project.

Laurence Lecocq

Projet :

  • Advice, production
  • Accompaniment to recommend suppliers, supply legal documents, negociate, produce.