"Achievement is what is happening when opportunity meets preparation"

Thomas Edison

From the idea to the finished product
A fragrance is born!

After having defined the outline of your project, of your fragrance and of your brand, Passion Nez is guiding you in the development and manufacturing by involving the best perfumers and laboratories  on Grasse area. 

After the elaboration, the birth of your fragrance

What an emotion to be present at the birth of a new fragrance ! A bottle is being shaped in order to welcome the precious elixir, to cover it, to magnify it...

However, the regulatory is the same, whether it is an personal product or an international one... It is therefore necessory to control the codes and laws which determine the perfumery in order to get a complient product at the end.
A packer which has been adviced by Passion Nez will gather all the selected components and implement them to come to a successful conclusion with the final product. 

Fragrances and Human beings

About fifteen contributors are one after the other taking over from a fragrance bottle creation. Like a true conductor, Passion Nez gives the rythm, enforces her partition, turns on her strings and chorus by remaining the unique person to speak to, of each of the ecosystem actors.

Each fragrance creator is then guided towards his emancipation through a training for the success of his product: a little psst! psst! and then fly away !