Head among the stars, feet on the ground


Claire Lonvaud

Senses journey

They overwhelm and soothe you, while immersing themselves in you, on you, to infinity.

All kinds of travels are existing: motionless travels -dreams- which carry you further that you would ever imagine in your ordinary life, business travels which carry you from a country to another, from a city to another without really having the time to linger or enjoy the beauty of things around and sense travels which are the most beautiful ones, they make you dream, they carry you into those lands where you touch the sublime. They overwhelm and soothe you, while immersing themselves in you, on you, to infinity.

Claire Lonvaud spent her young lady life in perfecting this marvellous possibility which brings you beyond your daily life.


ESSEC Ms Marketing & Management ISIPCA DESS perfume Formulation ENSCMChemist Engineer

Professional Experiences

Chemist Engineer from her University degree, she has improved her nose at Isipca. She learns the mysteries of raw materials and composition secrets while winning her scientific spurs at Quintessence in Great-Britain, Robertet or Chanel à Grasse. She entered a business school called Essec in marketing and management as she wanted to know more about the market, product and consumer facet. She discovered the job of product manager at Yves Rocher, thanks to her double experience, and then joined Reminiscence for almost 9 years, where she became marketing manager.

The offices

welcomes to its offices in Grasse, an emblematic city of perfume.


Today, after 15 years experience, she is creating, advising and guiding passionate creators willing to develop scented products, from the design until the bringing to market.

Member of

La Société Française des Parfumeurs, CEW, Grasse Expertise, Club des Entrepreneurs du Pays de Grasse