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The website, reachable by the following url: https://passionnez.com/ is managed within the respect of the French legislation. The usage of this website reigns over the present terms and conditions. By using this website, you recognize having red carefully the conditions and having accepted them all. These latter will be able to be modified at any moment without warning from Passion Nez.
Passion Nez will be hold responsible for any way of misuse of the service.

Responsibility limitation

The information written on this website are as precise as possible and the website is periodically updated, but however it may contain some imprecisions, omissions or shortcomings. If you come to notice a shortcoming, mistake or something that appears to you as a dysfunction, please write us an e-mail where you will describe the issue as precisely as possible (page having an issue, triggering action, computer or browser type that you used, ...).
All downloaded content is done at the own risk of the user and at his own responsibility. Therefore, Passion Nez can't be held responsible for any damage gone through by the user computer or any data loss coming from downloading.
Hyper-links are set up within the scope of the actual website in direction of other actual resources on the website and can't engage the responsibility of Passion Nez.


These conditions are ruled by the French Laws and all protests or litigations which can grow from their interpretation or execution will fall within the courthouse's exclusive abilities from which the headquarters of the Passion Nez activity is depending upon. The language of reference is French for any possible dispute management.

CNIL (National Commission for IT and Freedoms)

The website isn't subject to any declaration to the National Commission for It and Freedoms.

Access rights

In accordance with the Law of GDPR (General Data Protection Regulation), the Internet users have at their disposal an access right as well as correction, modification and deletion regarding personal data that are concerning themselves. This right can be performed by post to Passion Nez (ask the address via e-mail) or by e-mail to the following e-mail address: contact@passionnez.com Personal information which is gathered will in no case be given to any third-party except for the eventual good execution of the service that the Internet user asked for.


Your personal data are confidential and won't in no case be communicated to a third-party except for the good execution of the service. see the charter of date confidentiality

Intellectual property

All the content of the actual website, including but not limited to, graphic designs, pictures, texts, videos, animations, sounds, logos, gifs and icons as well as their shaping are the exclusive property of Passion Nez except for brands, logos and contents belonging to other company partners or authors. Any copying, distribution, modification, adaptation, broadcasting or publishing, even partial, of the different elements is strictly forbidden without the written deliberate permission of Passion Nez. This representation or reproduction in any way whatsoever is a punished counterfeiting by the articles L.3335-2 and followed by the Intellectual Property Regulations. The failure to respect to this ban on doing is a counterfeiting which can engage the public and penal liability of the counterfeiter. Moreover, the owners of the copied Contents could take legal action against yourself.
Passion Nez is identically owner of the "rights of data base producers" targeted to Book III, Title IV, of the Intellectual Property Regulations (Law n° 98-536 from July 1st 1998) according to the copyrights and data base.
On the other side, the shaping of this website has required the help of external sources from which we have acquired rights or from which usage rights are free to use: WordPress, Ark, WpForm, Yoast, UpdraftPlus;
pictures : unsplash, illustrations : Yevheniia, ArtBalitskiy

Service conditions

This website is offered in HTML5 and CSS3 languages for a better usage comfort and a more pleasant graphic design. Therefore, we recommend that you use modern browsers such as Safari, Firebox, Chrome, ...


For statistics and display needs, the actual website is using cookies. They are small text files which are stored on your hard disk in order to record technical date about your navigation. Some parts of this website can't be working efficiently without the use of cookies. see the charter of data confidentiality


The website of Passion Nez can offer links to other websites and other resources available online.
Passion Nez have at its disposal no ways to control websites in connexion with these websites. Passion Nez isn't answering for someone of the availability of those websites and external sources, neither guaranteeing it. She can't be held responsible for any damage, in any nature whatsoever, coming from the content of those websites or external sources, and especially information, products or services that they offer, or any use that may be composed of these elements. Risks linked to this use entirely fall to the Internet user who must comply with their usage conditions.
Users, subscribers and visitors of Passion Nez website can't set up an hyper-link towards this website without the expressed and preliminary permission of Passion Nez. Assuming that a user or visitor would like to establish an hyper-link towards one of Passion Nez websites, it is up to him to write a reachable e-mail on the website in order to properly ask the establishment of this hyper-link. Passion Nez reserves the right to approve or refuse an hyper-link without having to justify the decision.
Website users and visitors can establish an hyper-link towards this website but also towards the homepage, reachable with the following URL:https://passionnez.com, providing that the link is opening in a separate window. In particular a link towards an under-page ("deep link") is forbidden, as well as the opening of the actual website within a framing without the expressed and preliminary permission of Passion Nez.
For any kind of permission request or information, please contact us by e-mail : contact@passionnez.com. Specific conditions are planned for the press.


Furthermore, the footnote on a website to complete some information that you were looking for doesn't mean in no instance that Passion Nez is admitting or accepting any responsibility when it comes to the use or content of this latter.

Precautions of use

Consequently it falls to you to take the necessary precautions of usage in order to assure yourself that what you are choosing to use isn't riddled with mistakes nay elements of destructive nature like virus, Trojan horses, etc...


No other guarantee is granted to the client in whom falls to the obligation to clearly express their needs and the duty of getting informed. If some information provided by Passion Nez appears as inaccurate, it belongs to the client to do himself all the checks according to coherence and verisimilitude of the obtained results. Passion Nez won't be in no instance responsible regarding the third-party for the use by the client of some information or its lack contained in their products including one of these websites

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I'm available if you have any comments or suggestions. You can write to me any e-mail in French at : contact@passionnez.com.

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12, rue Jean Ossola - 06130 GRASSE

Claire Lonvaud
+33(0)6 13 53 31 14