Customer's word

A very nice meeting combining professionalism, listening and confidence.

During my project to design an ambience fragrance line, I contacted Claire Lonvaud, consultant in High Perfumery and trainer to follow. At first, I wanted to follow a training in perfume. After several hours spent discovering raw materials, niche perfumes, trends, marketing approach ... I decided to keep on the adventure with Claire so that she will also guide me in the development of my fragrance line . Being a key figure, Claire has a perfect knowledge of all interlocutors in this field: perfumer creator, packer, silkscreen printer, printer ... She undeniably facilitates our entry into the confidential world of perfumery. To sum up, a very nice meeting combining professionalism, listening and confidence.

Catherine Plantier

Parfums & Montagnes

Project :

  • Olfactory and marketing improvement training
  • Guidance for the brand creation Parfums et Montagnes of Catherine Plantier. Olfactory advising for the ambience fragrance line. Supplier search and production follow up.